Keeping Birds at Home: Some Tips You Should Nnow

Birds can perfectly adapt to life at home. Bird care is not particularly difficult, but let’s take a closer look at some rules of bird care and learn what pet supplies you need if you have these pets at home.

Place the cage in the bright part of the room, but keep it away from heating appliances and draughts. Daylight hours for most species of parrots should be at least 15 hours a day. In autumn and winter, you need to turn on additional lighting.

When choosing a cage, keep in mind that its dimensions should be at least 5 times longer than the bird. Metal cages (for example, made of stainless steel) are better than wooden ones since they are much more durable and strong.

Clean the cage every day. Use a soft brush to swipe away dust, adhering dirt, and bird droppings. Rinse the pallet and replace the bedding regularly. Wash feeding and drinking cups with hot water and soda, change water daily. Do thorough cleaning once a week: replace the sand in the pallet, lay fresh absorbent paper, clean the perches, wash the toys.

From time to time, the bird needs to be released to fly around the room. Don’t forget to give your bird enough attention and communication. If birds get bored, they can begin to pluck their feathers and yearn, so spend with them 30-40 minutes at least twice a day. There is a variety of toys that can be placed in the bird’s cage – bells, rings, chewing balls, hanging toys, and others.

The diet should be complete and as varied as possible. Basically, these are various grain mixtures, but it is also recommended to give them berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs, mineral supplements. The diet can be adjusted depending on the condition and the age of the bird, as well as on the season. There should always be clean water in the cage.

Monitor your pet’s health: unusual behavior or changes in the appearance of the bird is a reason to show it to the ornithologist veterinarian. Take care of your feathered friends, and they will reciprocate your love!

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