Main Components of Dog Grooming

Many of us have probably heard that pets are similar to their owners in character and behavior. Indeed, pets (especially dogs) often try to copy their owners, because they really adore them. How can we repay our pet’s loyalty and devotion? The answer is proper care that includes grooming and nurturing.

Grooming is one of the ways to express your love for your dog, and at the same time to emphasize all the advantages of its breed. The dog’s coat is characterized by good absorption and a tendency to get dirty quickly. This is why high-quality dog care requires special grooming procedures.

Grooming includes a wide range of hygiene procedures which allow your dog to look good and maintain its health. Grooming is needed not only when preparing a dog for an exhibition, but is often used as a completely everyday event. Comprehensive care is based on the main scientific, veterinary and cosmetic aspects, so you need to clearly understand what procedures are included in grooming and what supplies you need.

Generally speaking, grooming procedures can be divided into several steps, each of which is important when caring for a dog. Thorough brushing of the animal’s coat with a brush allows you to remove dirt, tangles and loose hair. Haircut with grooming scissors or a special trimmer in accordance with the breed standards provides the desired result. Eye care consists of carefully removing any eye discharge. Clean your dog’s ears with a cotton swab. Besides, you need special toothbrushes for teeth cleaning and supplies for claw cutting. For water procedures, use special conditioner shampoos. If necessary, use therapeutic or prophylactic detergents (after discussing it with your vet).

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October 25, 2021

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